Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha

Om  Sri  Ganeshaya  Namaha
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wanna Shop With Me ? Part II

Last September I invited you to shop with me and Nishit and I are very happy that we made a 47% .We have come up with new ideas which we call "Top Ten Picks for All Seasons"

Here is a testimony from one of our subscribers, Gaurang Jhaveri. He says :

 "I salute the Vipreet's Safe Trading Pvt.Ltd. Team - Lakshmi Mam and Nishit for their excellent in depth knowledge in identifying value scripts. Only a WIZARD or a GURU can deliver such recommendations. They are doing a valuable service for individual investors all over. In today's competitive and busy world, I really appreciate their willingness and passion to frequently share such excellent insights of market behavior and investment strategies. Honesty, transparency and integrity are the values that keep resurfacing in the back of my head when I think of Vipreet's Safe Trading Pvt.Ltd. All I can say is that its been a privilege to be associated with Vipreet's Safe Trading Pvt.Ltd.."

Thank you Gaurang. We really appreciate your views and feel satisfied that we have helped you have a good experience with us.It is our passion with which we work to achieve what we have.

To go back to the Markets :
The Markets have made a 52 week high on renewed energy from the news of reforms. Is this a time to buy or sell?

We had come up with 2 products, Cherry Picks and Midcap magic, both which have done exceedingly well. We have made a study of the same which we have put up in the September update.Since the picks are still valid investments we will not be able to show it publicly. However here is a small summary of the performance :
Investment Cherry Picks was initiated on 1st September 2011 and the return has been 47 pc. Midcaps were launched on 1st Jan 2012 and the return has been 52 %.
Couple of picks, 1 from each portfolio as below:

Recc Price
High since recco
Low since recco
Max Gain
Gain since Recco
Avg Gain

We are coming up with a new product called the "Top Ten Picks for All Seasons" which we will unveil shortly. We expect the markets to dip a bit now, then peak around Diwali and the year end. Post that, we expect the markets to have a bad 2013 before rallying up again. As per the 8 year cycle, the markets should peak sometime in 2015-2016.

The trick in earning off the markets lies in identifying good stocks which have seen several bull and bear cycles. Keep holding them, enjoying the dividends and keep lowering the cost of acquisition which we explain "how to" to subscribers.We would also be issuing an alert, when we feel the market is close to getting overheated so that our subscribers get sufficient time  to book the 50%.
For our loyal existing subscribers, we would have an extremely discounted price which we have intimated already. For those new subscribers who pre-order within the next 10 days we have a discounted price too. .

So hurry and come shopping with me.Write to me at

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Happy Trading !!
Lakshmi Ramachandran

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